Contura Vet and Butterfly Network to form Strategic Alliance to Focus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Horses

May 2, 2023

Contura Vet and Butterfly Network to form Strategic Alliance to Focus on Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Horses

New alliance aims to advance the understanding of osteoarthritis by providing advanced solutions for diagnostic imaging and treatment via Butterfly iQ+ Vet handheld imaging systems and Contura Vet’s ArthramidVet® .

BURLINGTON, MA, and FRANKLIN, TN May 2, 2023 -– Butterfly Network, Inc. (NYSE: BFLY), a digital health company transforming care with handheld, whole-body ultrasound, and Contura Vet USA, the veterinary subsidiary of Contura International LTD, today announced a strategic alliance to advance the education, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoarthritis in horses.  ArthramidVet®, an injectable 2.5% polyacrylamide hydrogel (iPAAG) used in the management of non-infectious joint lameness in animals including early and late stages of osteoarthritis, will come together with Butterfly iQ+ Vet, the world’s only single probe, whole-body multi-species imaging system, to provide a solutions based, educational opportunity.

Butterfly iQ+ Vet is designed to bring valuable clinical insights to veterinarians at the point-of-care through innovative ultrasound technology, made simple with artificial intelligence.  ArthramidVet, is a novel iPAAG indicated for the treatment of all stages of equine osteoarthritis. ArthramidVet goes beyond conventional therapies, using a dynamic bio-scaffold technology to safely and sustainably manage osteoarthritis by integrating directly into the synovial membrane. Together, Butterfly iQ+ Vet and ArthramidVet bring an innovative technology and solution to a disease that impacts lameness in 60% of the equine population.1

“Osteoarthritis is a progressive and degenerative disease that can go undiagnosed, especially in the early stages. With Butterfly iQ+ Vet, visualization of disease can aid successful diagnosis by offering greater insight and allowing practitioners to make more informed, better decisions, earlier in care. By coming together with Contura Vet, our goal is that veterinarians become well-equipped and trained to not only detect disease, but rapidly initiate ArthramidVet treatment sooner and more often” said Jenna Mutch, Vice President, Veterinary for Butterfly Network.

The iQ+ Vet is the second-generation of Butterfly’s veterinary ultrasound device, which brings sharper imaging, a new procedural guidance tool, and hardware improvements that make the solution more powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use.* With educational videos available right in the Butterfly app, continuing education toward identifying osteoarthritis and procedural guidance is at the practitioners fingertips.

“ArthramidVet is a unique and patented 2.5% iPAAG offering an innovative, biocompatible, safe solution for veterinarians to treat synovitis and osteoarthritis in horses. ArthramidVet, launched over 2 years ago in the U.S., has been used around the world for over 14 years, with over 100,000 horses successfully treated.  With decades of research supporting ArthramidVet, veterinarians can feel confident when choosing this novel technology for their patients and their osteoarthritis treatment” said Dr. Megan Green, who heads up Technical Services for Contura Vet USA. “Now we are thrilled to partner with Butterfly, with the goal of making this safe, effective treatment even more accessible to veterinarians and their patients.”

Veterinarians can request more information about Butterfly iQ+ Vet at: 

Veterinarians can request more information about ArthramidVet® at:

*All comparative claims are made relative to first generation iQ Vet product.

Tutorials are not a substitute for professional clinician training and experience and may not include all possible patient to patient variation. Veterinarians are solely responsible for patient care and for exercising their independent clinical judgment at all times.


  1. C. W. McIlwraith, D. D. Frisbie, C. E. Kawcak, The horse as a model of naturally occurring osteoarthritis, Bone Joint Res 2012;1:297–309.

About Contura Vet

For over 20 years, Contura International (parent company of Contura Vet USA) has pioneered the advancement of the polyacrylamide hydrogel technology for both human and veterinary medicine, based at their facility in Denmark. Over 14 years ago, their veterinary division was established in Europe as they developed ArthramidVet®, an injectable 2.5% polyacrylamide hydrogel (iPAAG) for the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses, following the success of their hydrogels for humans. In 2021, Contura Vet established it’s USA division, headquartered in Franklin, TN.

About Butterfly Network

Founded in 2011 by Jonathan Rothberg, Ph.D., and listed on the New York Stock Exchange through a business combination with Longview Acquisition Corp, Butterfly created the world's first handheld, single probe whole-body ultrasound system using semiconductor technology, the Butterfly iQ+. Butterfly's mission is to democratize medical imaging and contribute to the aspiration of global health equity, making high-quality ultrasound affordable, easy-to-use, globally accessible and intelligently connected, including for the 4.7 billion people around the world lacking access to ultrasound. Through its proprietary Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, Butterfly is paving the way for earlier detection and remote management of health conditions around the world. Butterfly iQ+ can be purchased today by trained healthcare practitioners in areas including, but not limited to, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America; to learn more about available countries, visit: The Butterfly iQ+ Vet can be purchased online by veterinary practitioners in approved countries at the store or by contacting sales.

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